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Name: Maralee Dawn
Telephone: 604-771-1333


Maralee Dawn is a multi-talented communicator, author, ventriloquist and television producer. She is the host of the television series Passionate Women and the award-winning children's series Maralee Dawn & Friends. Maralee Dawn & Friends is currently seen on Daystar and the Miracle Channel globally. Her experience includes seven years pastoring and five years with Campus Crusade (Power to Change). Maralee is passionate about missions. Youth and adults have joined her teaching and mentoring abroad, encouraging missionaries and inspiring others to invest in missions. Maralee brings a passion and integrity to missions that is supported by decades of crusades, church and television ministry. Since the early 1980's Maralee has been proactive in sharing the gospel declaring God's love on television, internet, and social media. She is focused on introducing this digital generation to a personal spiritual journey with Jesus.

Maralee Dawn was born in Calgary, Alberta and at age of 14 had her first TV debut in Edmonton, on Popcorn Play House and Kiddies on Camera. God deposited his love in her heart through a bus ministry outreach.

Maralee Dawn Ventriloquist is best known for her award-winning children's television series Maralee Dawn & Friends produced in Canada and broadcast on every continent.

David and Norma Jean Maines cheered her on and God used them to catapult her ministry worldwide . . . beyond Maralee's wildest dreams.

Maralee Dawn & Friends is a refreshing Bible based children's series. If ever the children of Canada need to hear The Good News as presented by Maralee Dawn & Friends, it is today. Maralee is passionate about introducing children to the life changing power of the gospel and see them empowered by the Holy Spirit equipped to contend and triumph in every adversity. Maralee Dawn & Friends provide a quality alternative television program option to children and families across Canada and around the world. We endeavour to reach children in our generation with the gospel by loving them, learning bible truths and laughing along with Maralee and her friends.

Maralee is committed to mentoring others, Maralee Dawn's 'Best Practices for Children's Ministry' manual and her how-to CD 'Get a Dummy and Speak from your Tummy'' are available.

Maralee Dawn Ministries is a "Family Ministry that knows no age Limit"

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Maralee Dawn & Friends Opener 0:26

Passionate Women Opener 0:43

Passionate Women Demo 2:00

A Maralee Dawn & Friends Christmas Promo 2:00


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