The Mission of Maralee Dawn Ministries is to connect with children and families worldwide and share the message of God's love (John 3:16)


Maralee Dawn

An ordained minister, Maralee Dawn is a multi-talented communicator, author, recording-artist, ventriloquist, producer and host of television series Passionate Women and the award-winning Maralee Dawn & Friends children's series as seen on Daystar and the Miracle Channel globally. Her experience includes seven years pastoring and five years with Campus Crusade. Maralee is passionate about missions and has encouraged youth/adults to join her teaching and mentoring abroad encouraging missionaries and inspiring others to invest in missions. Maralee brings a passion and integrity to missions that is supported by decades of crusades, church and television ministry. Since the early 1980's Maralee Dawn Ministries has been proactive in sharing the gospel declaring God's love on TV, internet, and social media. Focused on introducing this digital generation to a personal spiritual journey with Jesus.

The Maralee Dawn & Friends takes an imaginative approach to value-based children's programing. Master Ventriloquist, Maralee Dawn and her entourage of 12 characters engage young viewers with amazing stories, original songs, and exciting outdoor adventures! Each fast pace, fun-filled episode promotes the development of personal leadership skills including team building, goal setting and cross-cultural awareness. Children assimilate these leadership qualities as naturally as eating ice cream!

Women of all ages will be inspired by Passionate Women, a series of half hour programs with host Maralee Dawn. The fresh format of these shows combines the extraordinary personal stories of Maralee's guests. Through the comfort of sharing household tips, crafts and food, Maralee and her guest move into poignant discussion of the challenges in their lives and consequent spiritual struggles. Viewers recieve a spiritual deposit as Maralee shares the Word and something practical they can assimilate into thier lives.

In addition to leading her own international ministry, her ministry experience includes five years with Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada (now called Power to Change), as well as seven years as a children's pastor. She has ministered in more than 30 countries and has led youth and adults onto the mission field to join her in crusades, teaching, and missionary support.

God has given her a heart for evangelism and equipping people of all ages to release the power of God in their lives. Her personal story, along with her ministry experience and skills as a communicator, makes her a highly sought-after featured guest for churches and conferences.


International Christian Visual Media
International Christian Visual Media
2008 - Best Children's Show for "Heroes, A Cape, and the Big Fight," Maralee Dawn & Friends
2008 - Best Children's Series for Maralee Dawn & Friends (Series 4)
2005 - Best Children's Series for Maralee Dawn & Friends (Series 2)

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